Longganisa Lite - Fit

2 (Fit) or 3 (Performance) sweet, smoky, and garlicky breakfast patties, protein packed with ground turkey and chicken.  Served with Popeyes garlic-spinach egg scramble and garlic rice on the side. Topped with house made pickled red onions and toasted sesame seed.


Fit Macros
Calories: 355 | C: 23g | F: 16g | P: 32g | Sodium: 216mg | Sugar: 5g

Performance Macros
Calories: 561 | C: 37g | F: 26g | P: 53g | Sodium: 381mg | Sugar: 8g


(Egg, chicken, ground turkey, basmati rice, spinach, minced garlic, granulated garlic, agave, coconut aminos, Duck a Diet Base seasoning, paprika, stevia, red pepper flakes, vinegar, extra virgin olive oil.)

Longganisa Lite - Fit