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Support Sami Hunt’s Recovery with Healthy Meals

Help provide nutritious meals to aid in Samantha's healing journey after a serious accident.


On May 23rd, Samantha Hunt was involved in a serious car accident when a dump truck ran a stop sign and collided with her SUV on Route 176 near Union. As she begins her long journey to recovery, we want to ensure she has access to healthy, nutritious meals that support her healing process.

How You Can Help

Your contributions will go directly towards providing Samantha and her husband with our wholesome, ready-to-eat meals. This support will alleviate the stress of meal prep and help her focus on getting better.

Every bit helps! Let's come together to support Samantha in her time of need. 
Click the button below to donate.

Meet Samantha

          Meet Samantha Hunt, a fiercely independent photographer and advocate for clean, healthy living. With a deep commitment to nurturing her body and mind, she embraces an active lifestyle.

          Sam is the epitome of determination – once she sets her mind to something, there's no turning back. Last September, Sam transformed her childhood home into a breathtaking wedding venue to tie the knot with her husband Joe, embodying the timeless American love story of marrying the boy next door. She is your go-to-friend who always has your back.

        With a heart of gold, she’s there to listen and support you whenever it’s needed. Sam's spirit thrives on adventure, finding pure joy in outdoor pursuits like hiking with her GSP Rone, scuba diving, yoga, and anything else that connects her with nature. Her true calling lies behind the lens, where she believes every photograph tells a story, and she's here to help bring those narratives to life. With a natural ability to capture authentic moments that will last a lifetime, her photography speaks volumes.

       Thanks to her dedication to wellness, Sam is already moving mountains on her recovery journey to get back to her active lifestyle and photography business.

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