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Chicken Maple Sausage & Hash

Farm fresh egg scramble served with ground maple chicken sausage, and golden hash browns made with russet potato's. Served with a side of our house made agave & passata based ketchup.


Fit Macros

Calories: 383 | C: 39g | F: 10g | P: 34g | Sodium: 357mg | Sugar: 4g

Performance Macros

Calories: 755 | C: 78g | F: 19g | P: 68g | Sodium: 504mg | Sugar: 7g

(Ground chicken, farm fresh eggs, russet potato, Organic Maple Syrup, ground sage, Roma tomato, tomato paste, red wine vinegar, water, organic blue agave, granulated garlic, granulated onion powder, ground black pepper, pink Himalayan salt.

Chicken Maple Sausage & Hash

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