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Duckman's Chilaquiles

Indulge in the goodness of our Chilaquiles Rojos, a nutritious twist on the classic Mexican dish.
Our chilaquiles are made with Duckman's signature salsa Roja and with baked tortilla chips that are high in fiber and low in calories. Served with Farm Fresh Eggs & our delicious black bean puree.


Fit Macros

Calories: 333 | C: 35g | F: 12g | P: 26g | Sodium: 524mg | Sugar: 7g

Performance Macros

Calories: 649 | C: 68g | F: 23g | P: 50g | Sodium: 713mg | Sugar: 13g

(Farm fresh eggs, black beans, Ole Xtreme Wellness Tortillas, roma tomato, yellow onion, garlic clove, chipotle peppers, tomato sauce, dry avocado leaves, dry holy herb, chile de arbol, extra virgin olive oil, granulated garlic, ground black pepper, extra virgin olive oil, Pink Himalayan Salt.)

Duckman's Chilaquiles

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