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Pulled BBQ Chicken

Shredded chicken cooked with our BBQ seasoning and house made BBQ sauce! Served with sweet potato mash & BBQ rubbed zucchini.

Fit Macros:
Calories: 344 | C: 27g | F: 10g | P: 37g | Sodium: 659mg | Sugar: 12g
Extra Protein Macros:
Calories: 553 | C: 31g | F: 14g | P: 71g | Sodium: 849mg | Sugar: 15g
Performance Macros:
Calories: 676 | C: 50g | F: 19g | P: 72g | Sodium: 880mg | Sugar: 22g

(Chicken breast, sweet potato, zucchini, tomato sauce, water, red wine vinegar, agave, stevia Worcester, Pink Himalayan Salt, black pepper, liquid smoke, granulated garlic, paprika, parsley, thyme, dark chili powder, stevia, and extra virgin olive oil.)

Pulled BBQ Chicken

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